Youth Section

The NRV as one of the largest German sailing clubs has been reaping the fruits of its consistent work with young people for a long time now. Since 1918 the youth section has had its own tradition within the Club.  

Four full time youth coaches supported by additional honorary part-time trainers create the sporting climate typical for the Club. Club owned dinghies and matching equipment make access to the Club and the start into the sport simple and uncomplicated.

Some members make their yachts available to young people for cruises. In the unwritten inter-generational contract with the NRV’s youth section practicing a crew ethos and experiencing the NRV spirit are the top priorities. 

Youth Sailing Centre

Youth sailing has got a long tradition within the NRV. Generations have profited from this tradition throughout all their lives. Some committed helpers and honorary supervisors became professional full-time coaches.

With its new Clubhouse the NRV maintains a very capable Youth Sailing Centre with a great deal to offer. The centre offers children and young people interested in sailing an ideal introduction into this fascinating sport and offers advanced training for enthusiastic young sailors. One important objective behind the NRV’s consistent youth work is to introduce children and young people to yacht racing.

During the sailing season the emphasis naturally is put on weekly training in specific training groups and on looking after the crews during regattas. Attending training camps and intensive courses during the school holidays are among the highlights.

The winter season programmes on dry land consist of regular physical fitness training, classes in sailing theory and weekend seminars with various topics.