Successes, Legends and Cups


If sporting successes are the results of consistency, then the NRV is very consistent. Emphasis is put on the development of talents with youth work as its main focus. The Club spirit is best reflected in mutual respect and friendships. As a result the active sailors profit from the engagement of the NRV’s voluntary and honorary helpers in the sailing federations and during regattas. 


Each generation of the NRV has its own highlights, historic moments and sailing stories. Some of these are quite special: The Kaiser was often a guest at regattas in Hamburg or Kiel, with the NRV facilitating politics in the margins of its protocol. One might even sail against His Majesty with holding back and forfeiting victory. On one occasion, to do so regrettably proved impossible. "Willem" was not amused. And another thing: Prince Heinrich jointly owned a yacht with an NRV member and sailed this in partnership with him.

The most high-level visit of more recent years came in 1965, when H. M. Queen Elizabeth II visited the NRV to present NRV member Ulli Libor with the Queen's Cup donated by Her Majesty.

From Norway or Greece or elsewhere, sailor monarchs and their offspring have been counted, and still are, among the friends whom NRV members as ISAF functionaries will sometimes discreetly entertain in private.

On top of these tales of noble company come others that have involved adventure: Of how NRV members as Hamburg merchants explored East Africa aboard their "Fiona" flying the NRV burgee, intervening in colonial policy with Zanzibar as their base, of how early North Atlantic regattas proved successful, how spontaneous consortia would finance yachts and send them to the start in prestigious contests, of surprising victories secured overseas in hired boats, and of how pairs of friends had swept up all the prizes in their favoured class, and even in new ones.

Cups and Trophys

His Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm II, in 1899 while addressing the sailors clad in their gala uniforms said with regret: “it appears that there is no sport in the world where the prizes seem so little like in the sport of sailing where competition is focussing on honour”. By and large it has remained like that even though when from time to time nice trophies and fine prizes cast larger shadows.

Historical cups, many won by the HVS, are kept in safe keeping in the silver vaults of the Hamburg Senate, when they are not just decorating the dinner table at the town hall. A replica of the porcelain figurine “Lily”, the “Ocean Prize” from 1905 was again awarded in 2003 on occasion of the “Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge”.

Many Champion trophies, cups and goblets found their way into the glass cabinets of the NRV. Some of them temporarily and others finally. Even Gold Medals of Olympic competitions where donated. A real cup legend is the magnificent silver “Felca” prize, donated in 1913 for the best schooner and later used as a prize in the Dragon class. Twelve times already the trophy stood in the silver cabinet of the NRV, was won finally and subsequently donated again.

above: Felca-Prize

left: Oceanprize