The NRV clubhouse is located directly at the north east water’s edge of the Alster Lake, exactly where it starts to expand towards the south from a relatively narrow channel into a picturesque lake. The club’s street address at "Schöne Aussicht" – literally translated as "Beautiful View" – has traditionally been the name of the street adjacent to the clubhouse and rightly so. From here members and their guests can enjoy the finest panoramic view of the Alster Lake and the city silhouette – with the club's own marina at their feet.

From 1882 until 1904 good looking buildings on piles near Lombardsbrücke (Lombard Bridge) were the first homes of the Club, replaced in 1905 by a magnificent art nouveau building. Increasing structural deficiencies led to its abandonment and to the acquisition in 1932 of the property at “Schöne Aussicht” directly at the water’s edge. Bombs destroyed the dignified building in 1943. Its successor since 1950 was the many times remodelled clubhouse directly at the gradually growing marina. When in May 2010 this house fell victim to a fire, it was decided to have the by now fifth Clubhouse erected in the same location.

The current building was inaugurated on February 22, 2014 with a great club gala. Distributed over several floor levels it houses the ample youth centre, the restaurant and bar, a banquet hall, the kitchen, offices, cloak and changing rooms with lockers and showers, the boatswain’s workshop as well as space for the heating and electrical systems and other technical equipment. It is impossible in Hamburg to reside anywhere nicer than on the ample clubhouse terrace, may be only when embarking from here on a sailing trip.